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About Us

We provide web hosting services on our powerful servers, kept in a professional secure datacenter to ensure 24x7 availability. Our prices are amongst the most affordable in the industry starting at USD 5, CAD 8, AED 19 or INR 220 a month for a full-options account.

Our Offer

We offer FREE domain registration (including InterNIC fees) when you host your domain/site on our servers i.e. we will pay the InterNIC fees (usually $35 per year) for your domain every year, until you keep the domain hosted on our server. In effect, you pay only our web-hosting charges & get the Domain Name FREE of cost. What's more, you are in full control of your Domain (i.e. you are listed as the 'Admin' contact). There are no hidden charges, there is no catch. You simply pay the web hosting charges listed in our price chart.

Our Servers

Our servers are directly connected to top three Internet backbones: Sprint, UUNET and GTEI (BBNPlanet), and we deliver your web pages to net users via the shortest path (hops among routers). As a simple exercise to test this, try tracert yahoo.com (when connected to the internet, in ms-dos prompt type this command) and try tracert denish.com (in unix, try traceroute instead of tracert) you will notice that our server responds in equal if not fewer hops when compared to any world-class website. We monitor our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure maximum up-time. We guarantee (maximum) 24 hour response time on all support calls.

How much does it cost to become a reseller?


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There are no setup fees or minimum sign-up requirements to become our Reseller. 

However, if you wish to avail our 'Instant Activation' facility whereby we register your domain & activate your web account within 24 hours, you need to pay us a refundable deposit of USD 50, AED 200 or INR 2,500. Once you give us the refundable deposit, your web accounts are activated before you actually deposit the customer's payment in our account. This is explained as follows:

  • The refundable deposit gets the reseller 3 (three) reselling credits. 

  • The domain name will be registered and the web hosting account will be activated instantly on intimation from the reseller.

  • Each domain name/web hosting account consumes 1 (one) reselling credit. 

  • The payment should be done within 10 days of the activation of the account. On failing to do so, we will deactivate the account within 5 days from the deadline of the payment. The client will also forfeit the domain name. And, the reseller will forfeit the deposit. 

  • Once the payment is received by us, the reselling credit is released and can be reused by the reseller.

For example:

  • When you start by paying the deposit, you get 3 reselling credits. 

  • You request a new 'instant' account activation. 

  • The domain is registered & your web account gets active, however, we are listed as the admin contact. 

  • You have consumed 1 reseller credit. 

  • After some days, you request another 'instant' account activation. 

  • The second domain is registered & your web account gets active. 

  • You have consumed the 2nd reseller credit. 

  • Now, you can 'instantly' activate only 1 more domain. 

  • Within 10 days of activation of the 1st domain, you send us actual payment for the 1st domain. 

  • Now, you (or the client) is listed as the admin contact of the 1st domain. 

  • And, 1 reseller credit is released so now you can 'instantly' activate 2 domains. 

  • And, So on. 

Whenever you wish to stop using the 'instant' activation facility and only wish to register domains on a 'regular' basis, you can request us to return your refundable deposit.

How do I make money as a reseller?

First & foremost, you get 10% commission on all customer billings that you bring us. This includes all payments from the customer to us, every year, as long as the site is hosted on our servers.

We provide quality web hosting at a very affordable price and you as a reseller provide your customers with services that are complementory to web hosting. These are services that each of your client will need, and include site design, programming, consulting, and marketing. You can concentrate on serving customers with your enhanced skills and trust the hosting to us.

How do I become a reseller?
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